Thursday, July 28, 2005

Burning Elvis

Title:Burning Elvis
Author: John Burnside
Pages: 240

I've never read John Burnside's poetry, although i would have loved to. And this collection of his short stories caught my eye in the library for the catchy "Burning Elvis", being one of Elvis's devoted fans, i almost shrieked.

But when i read this collection, i was surprised i didn't read this earlier. The catchy flow of the stories made me dazzled, the way he created a vivid atmosphere in a matter of seconds, the setting contrasted the conflict, and the conflict held a higher moral. The ones i've loved the most were "The Invisible Husband", and "Burning Elvis"

You can see a pattern of death in different ways, whether is is mortal death, or invisibility, or even a dysfunctional family. I loved this book, and it's certainly on my "Books To Buy" List, since i'd love to keep it in my collection.


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