Saturday, July 09, 2005

Woman At Point Zero

Title: Woman At Point Zero
Author: Nawal El Saadawi
Pages: 112 pages

This story stirred a wave of emotions inside me, it's the ultimate indignant scream on the society of poverty, corruption, and irrationality. Nawal El Saadawi, in her masterpiece shed the light on the reality of poverty, and how girls in the 80's and even now are forced into the harsh life by the "Male Factor" that promises to protect them, but instead eradicates their role in life. The story highlights the issue of female genital mutation also know as FMG, or Female circumcision. Female circucision not only leaves 3/4 of the circumcised woman unstasfied during their sexual encounters, but it also causes many illnesses, and fertilatiy problems.
Another important question she poses in front of us is what is your definition of honor? This story reminded me in a way or the other of Najeeb Mahfouz's "The Thiefs And Dogs", when we are left in the end to wonder what is the definition of a thief, conclusively, what is the definition of decency and honor.

Woman At Point Zero is a must read, it is emotional and gives you an insight to the real world most of us don't indulge in. I am gonna leave you with my favorite quote of this book,

"Now i had learnt that honor required large sums of money to protect it, but that large sums of money could not be obtained without losing one's honor. An infernal circle whirling round and round, draggng me up and down with it."- Firdaus the heroine of Woman At Point Zero.


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