Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Subtle Knife

Title: The Subtle Knife
Trilogy: His Dark Materials Trilogy
Author: Philip Pullman
Pages: 341

'Will is twelve years old and he's just killed a man.'

Yes, that's the very first sentence of the blurb, simple catchy and intriguing.We continue our journey in the Dark Materials trilogy with a new hero... the bearer of the subtle knife.. the ultimate weapon of all times.. but why? Lyra acompanies Will on his journey (narrated in Will's view), and discovers the naked truth of Lord Asriel's plans. The second book is surprisingly more amusing than the first, Philip Pullman seems to get better with each each page i flip. This unique blend of reality, theology, science, and fantasy would basically turn any boring weekend into a fireworks display.

Friday, August 05, 2005

The Nothern Lights

Title: The Northern Lights (aka The Golden compass US Edition)
Trilogy: His Dark Materials Trilogy
Author: Philip Pullman
Pages: 398

Let me just tell you, if you consider Harry Potter a masterpiece, then
Philip Pullman's Trilogy exceeds your dreams. My experience reading was
magical, thrilling, and allow me to say that i astroprojected for a span of
one week everytime i opened this book. I've been sucked into this dazzling
world where theology, science, and magic intersperse vividly. Lyra an
orphaned child takes on a troublesome journey to find her friend Roger, who
mysteriously disappeared, surprisingly, in the same manner many of the
children vanished about the same time. Rumors, gossip, and Enigma circles
Lyra's circle, who accidentally turns the course of her destiny in one night. Her
well-defined life takes a new radical form she never imagined. And as she
seeks the North - a new prophecy unravels, only to pull us directly into the
hunger of reading the second book in the series. I bet any person who read
this is already joining the standing ovations...